6 Reasons Why You Should Get Subscription-Based Mobile Games With Zolaz

Attention, gaming enthusiasts! If you're tired of limited game selections, exorbitant prices, and frustrating installation processes, we've got news that will light up your joystick. Enter the future of gaming – the Zolaz Cloud Gaming platform – your passport to a universe teeming with high-quality, ready-to-play games spanning all genres.

Say goodbye to the old hassles and hello to a world of gaming that’s broader, better, and bursting with potential. We explore five compelling reasons why Zolaz can be the ideal mobile game subscription service for your gaming adventures.

1. Zero Hassle

The old way of gaming – buying individual games, waiting for installations, dealing with space constraints – is passé. Zolaz Cloud Gaming is an online video game streaming service that brings hundreds of top-tier games from around the globe directly to you. Instead of purchasing individual copies of games for each of your devices, Zolaz provides unlimited access to our ever-growing library of games, curated by experts and spanning all genres.

For a single subscription fee, you can game on your mobile or PC as easily as you stream your favourite shows. That's right – no individual purchases, no installations, no mess! Dive right into a gaming extravaganza at the click of a button.

2. Epic Game Diversity

Subscription services are your all-access pass to an infinite world of mobile gaming. With Zolaz, you get a staggering array of over 550 high-quality games to choose from.

Can't resist the thrill of an action-packed adventure? Dive into pulse-pounding games like LEGO® Indiana Jones™ or Metro Exodus. Are you a puzzle lover who relishes brain-teasers? Games like Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness or Degrees of Separation will have you scratching your head and coming back for more. More of a strategy maven who enjoys online role-playing games (RPGs)? DYSMANTLE or Ryse: Son of Rome are just the ticket.

Whatever your mood or preference, Zolaz ensures there's a game ready and waiting to tickle your fancy. No more settling for just a few games – with Zolaz, the gaming universe is at your fingertips, with new games added every month. Browse our game library.

3. Value-Packed Subscription Plans

It's not just about the sheer convenience, it's also about massive savings. For first-time Zolaz users, your first month is absolutely free. That's $0.00 to access the best mobile games. Don't like it? No problem, you can cancel anytime. But we're confident you'll want to stick around. After the free trial, continue your journey in the expansive gaming universe of Zolaz at just $9.98/mth starting from the second month. View our subscription plan and access our cloud gaming service to start playing.

4. Unleash the Power of Cloud Gaming

With cloud gaming subscription services like Zolaz, all games are streamed directly from our cloud server in Singapore. Nothing is emulated or installed on your device, meaning you can play on any device, anytime, anywhere. The convenience of cross-platform gaming also allows you to play seamlessly on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices.

Your gaming progress and your favourite games are always ready for you, no matter the device. Play your favourite game on your mobile during the morning commute, pick it up again on your lunch break, and finish up on your PC at home. With Zolaz, you are no longer tied down by hardware limitations.

5. Share the Love, Multiply the Fun

Let's face it, victories are sweeter, and losses are easier to swallow when shared. Zolaz takes multiplayer mobile gaming up a notch, letting you add up to five profiles. Your friends and family can join in on the action from wherever they are, sharing in the exhilaration of good mobile games.

6. Control What Matters

Gaming shouldn't be a parenting headache. Zolaz’s safe cloud platform redefines gaming for kids with robust parental controls that give you the reins on the content your kids access. Plus, all games on Zolaz come with PEGI (Pan European Game Information) ratings. These ratings offer an at-a-glance understanding of whether a game is appropriate for your child's age. It's not just about restricting access – it's about informed choices and creating a safe yet exciting gaming environment for the little ones.

Kickstart Your Gaming Adventure With Zolaz Now

With its super-sized game library, pocket-friendly plans, and device-hopping flexibility, Zolaz is your ticket to the thrilling world of subscription-based mobile gaming.

Being an M1 customer is your passport to the gaming wonderland of Zolaz. To subscribe to Zolaz Cloud Gaming, sign up via the My M1+ App, at an M1 shop, or through the self-service portal on M1.

Upon successful subscription as an M1 mobile postpaid customer, you will receive an SMS notification with instructions on how to download the Zolaz app/webapp. If you are an M1 fibre broadband subscriber, these instructions will land straight in your M1 ID email inbox. Not a member? Simply register with M1 to gain access.

It's time to grab your spot on the Zolaz bandwagon and take your gaming adventures to the next level. Get ready, set, game on with Zolaz!