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Enjoy over 550 high-quality video games with your friends and family.  No games to buy, no installation!  Play across the cloud on different devices.

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Connecting through games has never been easier

No games to buy, No installation!
Play across the cloud on different devices.

550+ high quality games

Discover a catalogue of games for all ages and skill level

Save data on cloud

Play and stream video games directly from the cloud

Play on multiple devices

Play seamlessly from iOS, Android, Windows, & macOS

Add up to 5 profiles

Share your account with up to 4 others

Parental controls

Play with total peace of mind with child account and PEGI ratings


Start gaming now!

✓ 550+ high-quality games

✓ Play on multiple devices

✓ New games every week

✓ Create up to 5 profiles

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Subscription Cards
First month free
  • For first time Zolaz sign up
  • Cancel anytime
  • Continue in 2nd month at $10.07/mth
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Start gaming now!

✓ 550+ high-quality games

✓ Play on multiple devices

✓ New games every week

✓ Create up to 5 profiles

Click here to see the Terms and Conditions

Subscription Cards
First month free
  • For first time Zolaz sign up
  • Cancel anytime
  • Continue in 2nd month at $10.07/mth
Try it free

Parental controls

for child accounts

Create up to 5 separate accounts so the whole family gets their own. Activate child-only accounts for total peace of mind.


Pegi ratings to help you decide what games are appropriate for your child

PEGI Rating

Unlimited Gaming On

Your Favourite Devices!

Your games seamlessly follow you from one screen to the next.

multiple device support

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Do I need to be an existing M1 customer to enjoy the Zolaz Cloud Gaming service?

Yes, you need to be M1 customer to enjoy Zolaz Cloud Gaming service.


Where can I subscribe to the Zolaz Cloud Gaming Service?

You can subscribe to Zolaz Cloud Gaming service on my M1 App, M1 shop, or via self-service portal on


Upon successful subscription to Zolaz Cloud Gaming value added service as M1 mobile postpaid customer, a SMS notification will be sent to you with instructions on how to download the Zolaz app. Should you be a M1 fibre broadband subscriber with Zolaz Cloud Gaming value added service, an email with download instruction will be sent to your M1 ID email.


Once you have installed the Zolaz app or like to access Zolaz Cloud Gaming via webapp, you may enter your M1 ID (for M1 fibre broadband) or M1 mobile number (for M1 mobile postpaid) for login.


Subscription, costs, and the different packages?

$10.07 per month, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time.


Free trial

As a first-time new user to the Zolaz Cloud Gaming service, you can try out the service for one month free only. Subscription of $10.07 per month thereafter.


How to log in to Zolaz?

i. Launch the Zolaz app after installation. Select “I already have an account” and select “login” button to enter credentials to login.


ii. Enter your M1 mobile number (for postpaid mobile subscriber) or M1 ID email (for M1 fibre broadband) for a one-time-password (OTP) to authenticate your account login.  


iii. After receiving the OTP via SMS/email, enter OTP.  


iv. If you failed to receive an OTP, press on “resend verification code”.  


v. If you provide the right OTP and your account is verified as active (Not terminated, Not suspended, Not blacklisted, has CG VAS), you will see the “Logged in” message. Switch back to Zolaz to start games streaming.  


What games can I play?

i. With your Zolaz Cloud Gaming subscription, you can play all 550+ games in the library.


ii. We source our games from developers all over the world. In our library, you will find indie games, retro games, AAA titles (“Triple A” games are the gaming equivalent of Hollywood blockbusters), single player games, family games, games to play with friends, funny games, sad games, realistic games, utopian games... the list goes on.  


iii. We have curated a game library with a wide range of categories, from action/adventure to strategy/RPG, and spanning racing games, puzzles, FPS, and sports titles. Whoever you are, there’s a game for you!  


iv. We add around at least one new game every week to our library.  


What are the minimum requirements to use this service? Device and internet speeds?

i. Internet connection requirements

‐ 6 mbps and minimally 4G connection although we recommend using LAN and 5G connection for the best experience.


ii. System requirements

‐ Windows: Windows 10 or higher

‐ macOS: Version 11 or higher

‐ Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 or higher  


iii. Mobile requirements

‐ Android devices: Android 5.0 or later

‐ iOS devices: iOS 14.5 or later  


Do I need to download the games?

No, the only download you need is the Zolaz Cloud Gaming app. If you like to play through the web browser, just head on to Zolaz webapp on


Where can I download the Zolaz Cloud Gaming app?

Go to to download your app for android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices.  


How are my game sessions saved?  

i. Zolaz Cloud Gaming service stores your saved games for the lifetime of your subscription. If you deactivate your Cloud Gaming service, your saved games will be archived for one year before being purged if you do not reactivate your account within a year of termination.


ii. Your profile will store the last saved levels of each game you play. The next time you log back into your profile, you will automatically pick up where you left off the last time you used that player profile.  


Are there parental controls?

Yes, there are parental controls available for you to create age-appropriate access account for audience from different age groups. Zolaz utilizes the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) rating which gives you the ability to set content appropriate for the ages of 3, 7, 12, 16, 18 and adult.


As the main account holder, you can create up to 4 additional player profiles. For the main and adult account, you can input a PIN on the main account, this means you can prevent the younger audience from accessing games that are inappropriate for their age. Parental control can be configured with content categorization or password management levels.  


Can my family share my account?

Yes, you can share the Zolaz Cloud Gaming account with your family. Each subscribed Cloud Gaming account allows the creation of 5 additional different user profiles. Note that the master account will be sent the OTP to login to the created profiles.


Does Zolaz Cloud Gaming support Multiplayer?

i. Yes, Zolaz Cloud Gaming service supports local multiplayer for certain games. An entire section of the library is dedicated to multiplayer games that you can play together on the same screen, in co-op or head-to-head.


ii. The icons next to each game let you easily see which games you can play in local multiplayer.  


iii. Online multiplayer gaming (playing against users in other locations via the Zolaz cloud gaming app) is currently in development and will be available to play soon.  


Why are the games available in other countries but not on Zolaz Cloud Gaming?

Due to licensing restrictions, some games are not available in Singapore.  


I am facing issues with Zolaz Cloud Gaming. How can I get help?

If you are unable to login to Zolaz Cloud Gaming, please check that your account is suspended or terminated due to outstanding bill charges. Fastest way to get back to Zolaz is to clear your outstanding bill charges.


If you managed to log into the Zolaz account and games are not streaming, please refer to the technical assistance section. Should you be unable to get a resolution, you may like to log your issue with our helpdesk, and we will resolve your concerns accordingly.  


Am I able to change the games language?

Unfortunately, we currently do not support this feature.  

What is Zolaz Cloud Gaming?

Zolaz Cloud Gaming is an online video game streaming service that gives you instant access to hundreds of games from all over the world. Play on any device, there is no need to buy the latest consoles and gaming PCs. With Zolaz Cloud Gaming, gaming is as easy as video streaming; one click, and you’re in!


Instead of paying for a copy of each game for each of your devices, you pay a monthly subscription that gets you full access to our library of games on all your connected devices. Carefully curated by our experts, our library is always growing, and new games are added every month.  


All the games are streamed from our cloud server in Singapore. It is not emulated or installed on your device.  


Zolaz Cloud Gaming app is available on most devices with an internet connection, including PC/Mac home computers, iOS, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. Click here to find out how to install the app.  


You can install Zolaz app on as many devices. Account with Zolaz Cloud Gaming VAS can have up to 5 profiles simultaneously logged in to enjoy cloud gaming services.  

Do I need to download the games?

Nope! With Cloud gaming, our games are streamed straight to you. No matter what device you want to play on, you can launch our games without having to wait for them to download and install.

What games can I play with my subscription?

With your Cloud gaming subscription, you can play all of the games in the game library as much as you like.

What happens to my saves?

Your saves are managed by each individual game, so you will automatically pick up where you left off the last time you used that player profile.

Are there parental controls?

Create up to 5 separate accounts so the whole family gets their own. You can protect some of these profiles with a PIN to prevent younger payers playing games that are inappropriate for their age.

How do I cancel?

With Cloud gaming there is no annoying contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online in two clicks. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account at any time.

Technical Assistance

Connection & Network

i. The quality of your Zolaz cloud gaming experience essentially depends on the quality of your internet connection.


ii. To guarantee an optimal experience, your internet connection should meet the following criteria:

‐ Download speeds of at least 6Mbps. If your download speed is less than 6Mbps, your connection is unstable, or you are losing packets, it will have an adverse effect on your streaming.

‐ Use a connection with a latency of less than 30ms. Latency (or ping speed) is the time it takes your internet connection to connect to a server and send a response to your device.

‐ Check for signs of packet loss. Packet loss occurs when data doesn’t reach its destination. When testing the speed of your connection, you can see packet loss in any “holes” or “cuts” that appear. The data flow might get “choppy” and the connection may even drop.

‐ Connect your device to the internet using an Ethernet cable or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Ethernet cables and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections are generally much faster than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connections. Zolaz Cloud Gaming service is compatible with 4G LTE connections, but connection quality depends on your location.


Tips to improve your connection (speed and latency)  

i. Switching off your router and modem lets you reset and reconnect to your internet service provider (ISP). Turn off your computer and unplug your modem/router. Wait for 60s and then plug them back in, watching the lights on your modem/router. Once all the lights are on, start up your computer.


ii. Keep your local devices up to date. Make sure that your modem/router are fully updated. This includes updates to the operating system and drivers (for the GPU and controllers).  


iii. Disconnect/switch off any devices you aren’t using. Some devices can use bandwidth when on standby. Games consoles, for example, can download and install updates. Switch these devices off to keep your bandwidth available for playing.  


iv. Use an Ethernet cable. Using an Ethernet cable will make you connection more stable and remove any additional waiting time involved with wireless connections.  


v. Change your Wi-Fi configuration. If you cannot use an Ethernet connection or your device requires a wireless connection:

‐ Connect to a 5GHz network. Some routers provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections at the same time.

‐ Place your devices (computer or smartphone, for example) close to your router.  


Using an antivirus or firewall with Zolaz Cloud Gaming  

i. If you have antivirus software or a firewall installed on your computer, it may prevent Zolaz cloud gaming from running normally.


ii. Sometimes, and especially when running Zolaz cloud gaming for the first time, your antivirus or firewall might stop Zolaz Cloud Gaming service from running and show a warning message. If this happens, select the option (in the warning window or in the antivirus settings) that enables Zolaz cloud gaming to run.  


iii. In other cases, your antivirus or firewall may stop the Zolaz cloud gaming app from being executed or prevent it from launching a game. Just like with the last example, you should go into your antivirus or firewall settings to find the option that lets you run Zolaz cloud gaming.  


iv. If the games aren’t launching once you have installed Zolaz cloud gaming, or they are launching and you just get a black screen, check your antivirus, or firewall settings and make sure that Zolaz cloud gaming isn’t on the list of blocked programs.  


v. The links below can help you find a solution to problems with some of the most common antivirus software, and let you get Zolaz cloud gaming up and running:

‐ Norton 


‐ Windows Defender (Windows antivirus/firewall)

‐ Bit Defender

‐ Mcafee Firewall  


Can I use a VPN with Zolaz cloud gaming? 

i. We advise against using a VPN client on your computer or smartphone.


ii. A VPN can slow down or even interrupt our services and cause you to lose your connection to Zolaz cloud gaming.  


How to connect to an Xbox Bluetooth controller?

To pair your wireless Xbox controller to a Bluetooth compatible device:  

i. Activate Bluetooth on your device.  


ii. Press the Xbox button to turn your controller on and press and hold the controller’s Bind button to make it visible to your device. The logo flashes quickly when the controller is ready for pairing.  


iii. Use the Bluetooth feature on your device to find and pair your wireless controller.  


iv. For help with pairing your controller to your devices, please see the instructions found in the links, below:




Android TV 


v. Important - Xbox One Bluetooth compatible wireless controller:

‐ Remember that there are two versions of the controller: on the new design, the “Xbox” button is molded into the main plastic body of the controller, along with the analogue sticks and buttons (such as A, B, X, and Y).  


vi. Controller updates:

‐ Microsoft recommends updating your Xbox controller to make sure that your device is compatible with the latest software and hardware updates. Here’s how to update your Xbox controller.  


vii. Test your connection

‐ Your connection needs to be able to transmit your button presses with as little latency as possible. Most controllers require a 15Mbps connection and a latency of less than 30ms.  


viii. Important: none of the third-party hardware and software mentioned in this FAQ is sponsored, sold, or licensed by Zolaz cloud gaming. The use of additional hardware and software does not guarantee that your Xbox controller will be compatible with Zolaz cloud gaming or your device.  


Account Management


i. How to cancel my subscription?

‐ You can manage your subscription in your MyM1 app, or M1 Manage My Account (MMA) section online.


ii. My account is blocked or suspended.

‐You need an active mobile line and subscription. Download the My M1 App to manage your account or subscribe to Zolaz cloud gaming. Alternatively, please reach out to M1’s Customer Service hotline – 1627.  


iii. What happens if I change my mobile line?

‐Login again using your new mobile line number and follow the login process as your new number will receive the OTP.  


iv. What happens if I cancel my Zolaz cloud gaming service with M1?

‐You will be given access till the end of your Zolaz subscription cycle. No-refund or pro-ration of subscription fee.  


Can I access and play games on my Zolaz Cloud Gaming outside of Singapore?

Yes, you can. Do note that roaming charges apply. Alternatively, play Zolaz on Wi-Fi to avoid data roaming charges.


Can I play games on Zolaz Cloud Gaming using the same user profile simultaneously across multiple devices?

Yes you can.


I am unable to access my Zolaz Cloud Gaming service. Why is this so?

You may not be to access Zolaz Cloud Gaming for several reasons as stated below:

‐ Outstanding bill

‐ The time limit of your children account profile has run out

‐ Zolaz Cloud Gaming is down

‐ Your network is unstable and connection is intermittent

What is M1 data protection policy?
What is Zolaz terms and conditions?

Cloud Gaming Services & Video Games In Singapore

There’s Something For Everyone!

Enjoy over 550 high-quality video games with your friends and family in Singapore on the best cloud gaming platform, Zolaz. No games to buy, no installation! Play unlimited free games online across the cloud on different devices without downloading.

Subscription continues at $10.07/month after a free trial.